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maanantai 15. helmikuuta 2016

Frostbite 2016 Pictures

Here they are (finally), the pictures taken in Desucon Frostbite 2016!

So shiny *o*
 Most of the pictures were taken by Neffinger Cosplay (because I am such a bright person, who has a camera with him and FORGETS TO TAKE DAMN PICTURES!!)

At Frostbite 2016 we saw so many brilliant costumes that left us gaping at them and made us forget to take pictures but here are some that we managed to take.

And as always, the update will look little weird due blogger hating me and not being cooperative.

Geralt was amused by our outburst
Due my friend being obsessed with Dragon Age, most of the pictures are cosplays made of those games.
Crona doesn't know how to deal with being photographed
Byakuran-sama will destroy this world, just you wait
We met the cutest Fenris ever!
How to Train your Dragon -group was so epic *o*
More DA -characters
Cole's hat was easy to spot from up 
I have a feeling that RanFan just saw Ling ;D
Sera and her pet Bee

I wish I had some tea...
All the single ladies(?) of Dragon Age!
Wait... Did she just-
Yeah, she did.

Most of the time, being relaxed is needed,
but there are times when you must fight
Reborn was my Saturday's cosplay

Fon was my Sunday cosplay and in case you wonder, I was thinking about food.

Hibari had a dublicate and I'm not sure if it is a good thing or not....

My student and his student
Mira Nausiainen as Cavallone Dino
Emmi Suikkanen as Hibari Kyoya

I met my Dame-Student #2 there too,
he was slacking as usual (Natsu-san was darn cute Tsuna -.-)

Me and Byakuran, he didn't take our fight as serious as he should've...

I cosplayed as Kozato Enma on Friday



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