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maanantai 7. syyskuuta 2015

Tracon X

This convention post will be little different from my previous ones

4:30 am = Woke up
4:40 am = Shower
5:10 am = Breakfast
6:05 am = Coffee
6:27 am = Train
8:54 am = Arrive at Tampere
9:05-10:00 am = Look around
10:00-11:30 am = Having lunch, checking the whereabouts of my hotel (Norlandia Care (178€/2 nights))
11:50-12:43 = Walking to a hotel with three bags(Yes it took me almost an hour because of the repairs of the street(not to mention that I don't really know Tampere that much...)): Shoulder bag for being in the town (for buying something to eat), "granny bag" (thnx Nebbia) with my "Can break easily" props (Spanner's candies, Dino's whip and wigs) and tiny luggage that contains my costumes and other clothing.
12:50-13:30 = Waiting for the reception to open
13:40 = Get the key and go to the room on fifth floor (And play a little with the card key ("How does this thing even work?! DD:")). Be mind blown how awesome the room is.
16:30 = Left the hotel to get the badge and to get some food.
18:40 = back at the hotel, eat
19:30 = Shower
21:XX = Sleep

6:00 = Woke up, got dressed
7:20 = Took a taxi to the Tampere Talo (I thought that I was going to be late)
7:50 = Look around for my working spot
8:00 - 12:15 = Working at the ticket stand
12:30 = "Oh! I should eat something!", went to eat with Nepa
13:20 = Bought a wig
13:30 = Tried to find Arumi, Xenji, Anzzq & Elli-chan
13:40 = Bought a wig from Arumi and started to hang out with Xenji & Arumi (Nepa resurmed to her working spot)
14:20 = Saw a glimpse of Anzzq & Elli-chan (who were chased by their fans)
14:40-15:30 = Hanging with Arumi & Xenji
15:30 = started to hang out with Anzzq & Elli-chan who managed to escape from their fans
16:00-17:45 = Watched WCS trials, Pair contest and design contest. (I cheered for YumiKoyuki-san who was picked to represent Finland on 2016 WCS Finals with her pair Jesmo!! Congratulations again from me!)
18:00 = Returned to hotel
19:42-21:00 = Ate, shower, and sleep

8:00 = Woke up, and got dressed
8:30 = Ate breakfast at the hotel (I didn't manage to do that on Saturday because the hotel restaurant opened at 7:20 that day)
9:00 = Checked out and ordered a taxi
9:30 = Arrived at the scene and walked around
10:30 = Got bored, started my work shift earlier
13:00 = Work shift ended, taking few photos here and there, occasionally tripping on something
14:00 = Waiting for my turn at the Photographing spot
15:00 = Met with Tiitan, looked around the shopping room taking pictures and getting data
16:00 = Ate ramen (and managed to spill it on myself (how is that even-??)
17:00 = "........ We looked wrong section, the thing we wanted to watch has already ended..."
17:45 = "To the train!!"
18:45 = "....... Why is the train late?"
19:25 = "..... Why is this train late?"
21:00 = "......... I can't sleep... And I'm sleepy"
22:00 = "...... still can't sleep"


3:00 = "........ I woke up again....."
5:20 = ".......... I'm telling my boss that I'm not coming, I couldn't sleep and now I have head ache..."

Total Tripping/Falling down: 26
Tripping/Falling on stairs : 3
Being walked over: 2
Tripping/Falling over on thin air: 12
Tripping/Falling over something/somebody: 11
Food spilled on my clothes: 1
Being chased by Dalek: 2

And all of that happened on Saturday while I was wearing my Cavallone Dino cosplay (next time I'm getting somebody to cosplay Romario for me so I won't be as clumsy BI)

Over all this was a great experience and I might be taking part conventions as a worker more and maybe, someday, I'll gather enough courage to take part on a contest. Maybe I won't get to be WCS competitor but hey, who knows, also it might be fun.

And here's some pictures taken mostly on Saturday and a cookie, enjoy :)

Lieutenant Hawkeye was willing to let me take a picture of her,
sadly Colonel Mustang refused claiming that I must be a homunculus

Assassins Creed fandom is lively! Now with
female power!

I'm on to you Dalek.. And you,
"Rum-Jack" who walked over me...

Dragon Age! Dragon Age every where

Here, have another shot

Shiota Nagisa and Koro-sensei

Stupid Voldemort and his illuminating face...
I took total 6 pictures and Voldemort was shining in everyone of them

I found my lil' bro Tsuna QuQ

Gotta catch 'em all!!

Doctor was amused by Dalek's threats

"Is there singing in the Void? Dancing?
Surely the Dread Lord will at least allow poor Cicero to caper..."

Hawke and Fenris seemed to be little anxious..

And then Hawke photobombed when
I was taking picture of Isabella

#TraconX #Sanji because he can

Zoro wasn't amused by Sanji's behavior

Another Tsuna!

Garp seems angry OAO

Oh, never mind, I guess Luffy called him


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