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tiistai 11. elokuuta 2015

Before cosplay...........

I've been waiting for my love for centuries...
..............There was medieval.

Before I started to take cosplay more serious, I used to do lot of medieval things. To me, medieval and cosplay are pretty similar: you have the "character" (in medieval it is your alter ego who "lives" on that time period), create the costume and go have fun with your friends. These pictures are of our MedievalCosplayGroup called "Keksiaika" (transl. CookieTime) that was on purpose misspelled version of "Keskiaika" (transl. MedievalTime) so I will be using here the names of the characters we designed and created, more to the characters can be found from our blog: Keksiaika
Lady Hawisa, Daughter of Karl
Onni, the jester
Jaava, calm healer
Viktor, the thief
Ilomieli, Lady Hawisa's maid servant

 Here's little something of my character called Viktor.

Viktor is an  orphan, who was raised in monastery (that is located somewhere in the land this time calls Estonia) and he had very good life waiting ahead. Yet, he felt like it wasn't enough for him, he really wasn't fit to be priest, so he decided to leave (he was actually kicked out after one of the priests found out that he had stolen something). He really didn't know what to do, yes Viktor was scholar, he could read an write, he could talk Latin, but he really didn't have knowledge of the world outside the monastery.

Little bit later, Viktor discovered that he was very talented in thieving and so he started to do it as a living. He picked women (age didn't really matter to him) to be his targets and by charming them, he used them and rob them.

This continued until he met Jaava, a Russian healer, who didn't fall into his charm and flirting. Instead she gave him red cheek (//slap!!) and told Viktor to leave her alone. How ever it resulted in Viktor taking interest of the said woman and so he started to follow this eccentric woman, who tried to get rid of him many ways (poisoning etc.)

Little later Jaava stopped her murder attempts and by then the duo was at the market area, where a certain young lady was with her fiancé called Sven, her relative called Tuure, maid servant Ilomieli and the jester Onni, took the interest of our thieving friend. Before Jaava could stop Viktor, the boy had sneaked close to the lady so he could pick pocket her, when Tuure caught him, spun him around and gave him a black eye. Tuure would have killed the poor thief, if the failed robbing attempt wouldn't have amused lady Hawisa, who told the man to spare Viktor's life. In exchange of his life, Viktor would have to join her group and serve lady Hawisa and amuse her from time to time. If he could not full fill his duty, he'd lose his head (as Tuure had claimed).

Tuure and Sven were against the idea of the thief joining them, but what the eldest daughter of Karl wants, that she'll get, also the two older males were having disagreements about several things and... Well... They just couldn't agree on anything... they knew that Viktor's presence would annoy the other one, so the thief stayed.

Ilomieli, Jaava and Viktor
Second (and final) version of thief Viktor
 Well, the thief stayed, but that meant that the other males (including jester Onni) would try to make him leave by playing tricks n the boy or making him watch the fire the whole night (especially when it was raining) and sleep outside, but the thief refused to leave. He owed his life to the lady Hawisa and he didn't want to end up alone again, since he knew that Jaava would stay with the group not to mention that for the first time in his life he felt like he belonged somewhere.

..... But we'll see how the story will end for the group, maybe Sven, Tuure and Onni manage to make him leave (though he just thinks that the trio is showing affection that way), maybe he is caught by guards and beheaded, who knows.

The whole group together
  Pictures (c) Hawisa daughter of Karl & Keksiaika -group
Sir Ricardo, Hawisa, Viktor, Ilomieli, Jaava and Pehr

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