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perjantai 24. heinäkuuta 2015

About AnimeconFI and future plans

Okay so, as I said I have no pictures from AnimeconFI (aka Acon) but here's some kind of scribble about how it went:

At first I thought that I'd go there on the night before convention but I couldn't find my sleeping bag so I had no choice but go on Saturday. It happened that my older sister needed help with moving and that my parents had promised to help which resulted in me carrying stuff to car and doing other things while wearing my costume. And as if it wasn't enough, it was horrifyingly hot.

After this me and my parents went to get something to eat from Hesburger of my hometown (thank god I had bonus card there so I got coffee for free (yay!)).
 I later on heard that few people had actually recognised me (as a cosplayer) and taken few pictures to send to their friends (what a shock).

The trip took two hours via train and when I finally arrived to the scene....

.... there wasn't anything to do.

Well, I moved from my spot to take a look at the r-18 night party and I was disappointed. There wasn't anything else to tell that it was convention's night party except cosplayers, some of them couldn't hold their liquoir to my displeasement.

I met one of new friends, Hikari-chan, there and we stayed there until 2am, when I was told that it was forbidden to bring belongings to the tables. I was surprised and told him that I didn't know that, also I said that I don't really trust the place where the bags were supposed to leave for once when I had left my bag into that kind of place, one of the people, who were supposed to watch over the bags had stolen my drawing pad and sold my drawings (I found this out when I happened to take a look at cosplay flea-market).

Sadly, the guy didn't listen to me and ordered me to get out, so I left along with Hikari-chan. We went to local 24hours café to talk and eat an early breakfast.

For the rest of the night we spent by talking and laughing until the convention area was re-opened. There I bought this lovely dragon themed dagger to my youngest brother and Hatsune Miku -CD to my pops. For myself, I bought two blonde wigs for later cosplay and Hibari Kyoya key-chain mascot, I also bought Chrome Dokuro key-chain mascot to my older sister as a welcome back -gift for she was returning from her trip in the UK.

I watched my friends, Xenji and Allu, FREE! panel and I am glad I did, it was funny and told more about the characters, not the series (I've seen enough panels of it...), after listening them (and chuckling some of their doings), I was happy to know more about the "Speedo-boys" as they are often referred. After I left, I heard some girl mutter about how stupid it was to NOT talk about just the series (I wanted to facepalm).

Then I almost panicked when I found out that my bank account didn't have enough money to get back home so I called my mom, I had forgotten that I had paid the tickets to my sisters and me when we were returning from our grandma's place not to mention that I bought food using my creditcard, not cash (sometimes you gotta do mistakes).

Anyways mom bought me ticket to home and told me to be more careful in the future (lesson learned) so I was able to return back home.

And here you have it, my AnimeconFI weekend. Sorry again for not having pictures about it, currently I am trying to save money for camera of my own, finish few new cosplays and find a gift for my brother and friend, who both happen to have born in August not to mention that I am mentally panicking because after few weeks, when the school starts, I am THIRD YEAR SENIOR! where did two years go?

Now before I leave you again: I am taking part in a small video project with my friends from Keksiaika -blog, who knows if we actually manage to do it (laughs) maybe we'll upload it on youtube, wish us luck!


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