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sunnuntai 14. kesäkuuta 2015

Questions and answers

Okay so, I've been getting few questions from other cosplayers, so I might as answer them here, no I won't put the name of the one who asked them, I respect their will to keep nameless.

1. Q: There was recently Animecon in Netherlands, why didn't go there?

   A: Unfortunately my budget would not let me, also I have bad habit of mixing languages when I'm nervous so when I intend to say "Nice weather isn't it?" I might accidentally say "Nice sää eikö olekkin?" (This is English mixed with Finnish, my native language)
Sää = Weather
Eikö = is the third person negative from no , conjugated: 
en, et, ei, emme, ette, eivät, which means: no 
the suffix kö at the end of the first word of any sentence, in this case Ei +kö makes it a question
Olekkin = from the verb olla = third person of to be = ole conjugated: olen, olet, ole, olemme, olette, ovat maning: he/she/it is 
plus the emphatic suffix kin, which usually means: also, too, and is attached at the end of the word to emphasize, in this context it means something like truly, really, or no?, expecting an afirmative reply. 

So... Not going abroad to take part on conventions yet, I need to save some (lot) money for that, maybe in future someday. But I'll be going to Animecon here in Finland.

2. Q: I'd like to learn Finnish but it seems so hard to learn, is there any language that I could use that is some how similar to it?
A: Japanese, it has very similar rhythm and our pronunciation is very similar but keep in mind that we have our differences. I recommend you to take a look at This but do not be brought down, Finnish isn't called the hardest language to learn for no reason. Best way to learn our language is to first learn how Japanese pronounce their own language and use that as a guideline. It'll pay off.

And if you can't learn our way to say certain letters like "r", "y", "å", "ä" or "ö" don't worry, we can still understand even if you decide to use, let's say "a" as "ä" or same "r" as you've learned from your own language, the point is that you keep trying.
This is about any language: If you decide to learn new language, use it as much as possible, this way you can improve your knowledge of the language and your grammar, follow people who talk/write this language on twitter or facebook or instagram or read blogs that are written using the language.

3. Q: "Is there a way to make a Finn talk English? Are there certain rules on how to act in Finland?"
A: To make Finn talk English: Start blubbering on your own language and when they get this panicking/blank face ask kindly "Do you speak English?" (I've heard that this trick works on French too but I doubt it).
To the rule question: There are few, Finns respect others personal space, so if you want a hug, ask. Don't ever, EVER, walk towards red, it's not polite not to mention that it's freaking dangerous, do you have any idea how many people die because of that per year? Then there's "Do not cut in the lines", if you do that it makes you look very rude and ignorant not to mention unpatient, if you can't wait for your turn you clearly shouldn't be in Finland.

4. Q: "How on earth do you stay in the same dress size as FOUR YEARS AGO? That's so UNFAIR!"
A: Simple: I eat balanced meals, half of my plate goes to the salad and vegetables, fourth goes to potatoes/rice/couscous and last fourth goes to sauce and meat/tofu/soya not to mention that I eat lot of fruits and avoid alcohol in my daily life.

5. Q: "What on earth do you eat girl?! How big is your plate?"
A: Plate's diameter is 20 cm. I eat low fat products (milk with 1%fat, meat that has maxium 17%...), lot of vegetables and fruits (I just love apples), I like home cooked more than cheap food places, I actually love baking (it's so easy, all you do is follow the recipe...), oh also I avoid pork meat (I managed to burn myself as a kid and somehow the smell of pork meat brings that same smell to my mind and it makes me gag...)

6. Q: "What's your religion?"
A: *sigh* I've been asked this question so many times at school... Messianic Judaism, here is more information to that, basically I've been raised with mixed traditions from Judaism and Christianity. And to those who believe that "Jews murdered Jesus" I have to say "You need to remember that Jesus was Jew himself so are you telling me that he "murdered" himself? Also it wasn't "The Jews" but the priests that believed that he was a threat to them."

Ending the religious talk (I really hate to bring religion up since to me only thing that matters is how we treat other living beings around us).

7. Q: "You seem pretty strict on your diet, do you ever drink anything that isn't healthy?"
A: Well, anything if you eat or drink it too much is unhealthy, but I get what you are trying to say. CocaCola and other highly sugared drinks we drink when we're celebrating something or want to reward ourselves, sweets we buy once in a week but the maxium we use for one person is 2€, wines and alcohol are for special occasions, like Easter.
On Easter we eat lamb and under 16 year-olds get to drink juice made from grapes, 16 year-olds can have 1/2 wine glass of red wine and 18 year-olds get to drink one wine glass of red wine (family tradition). The red wine we have is either from Sicily or France depending on which one father picks up (his red wine of choice would be Bulgarian Melnik 13 while white wine would be Romanian Murflatrar (he likes his white wine to be sweet)).

8. Q: "How do you pick the characters you cosplay?"
A: I choose them based on if I like them, if my body type could be used to create the character and if I have anything in common with the character. If I cannot choose between characters, I do a quizz on the anime/manga/game I am interested in and make the cosplay based on the result. If I am going to make several characters, I try to look that the version matches on certain season. For an examble, Hibari was made so I could cosplay him around the year, Dino will be used in winter and spring, Fon is for spring and summer, Reborn will be around the year character and Saito is for summer and fall. The seasons tend to change quite radically in Finland so I want to be able to match the season.

9. Q: "I've seen you cosplay as a female character just once, is any of your cosplays going to be female?"
A: *awkward silence* I have..... problems with women's clothing... I feel like a caged bird in them (=very uncomfortable) so.... I guess not... H-how about a feminine looking guy instead? Ahahaha~

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask, I'll try to answer to your question as well as I can.

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