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maanantai 8. kesäkuuta 2015

It is over huh...

The convention came and now it's gone. Sadly neither me nor my older sister remembered to take camera with us, but I still got some pictures from Friday's photo shoot with Arumi-chanXenji-kun and Anzqq-chan & Elli-chan from WihelmiCosplay.

Hibari Cosplay pictures were taken by Anzqq-chan with Xenji-kun's camera.

The last picture was taken at home in front of our glorious apple tree and the photographer was Aneki S.

I had so much fun in the convention despite the fact that I was pretty stressed for watching over my three friends (who I lost all the time (stupid crowds)) and my older sister who didn't really know what to do in there. Also I met few people who like me aren't really the gender that their bodies tell. Many people came to me just to talk or hangout with me. I also had little reunion with one of my fellow japanese language students, who told me that our sensei was very sad when I had to drop out due my school work. He also told me that I was the only student sensei actually talked with literally from anything fromweather to philosophy. Sensei had requested me to re-join them on next year when the lessons would continue.

To my surprise, the convention was over sooner than it normally feels, I could have gone for it at least two more days. Actually now I might be suffering from thing that is called "Convention Hangover", no I did not drink there, but the whole "turn-into-normal-human-being-without-anime-nor-manga-costume" feels so lame right now. I'd just want to walk around in my costumes the whole year and, I don't know, act as if I was the character.

Currently I just can't wait for AnimeCon that's next month in Kuopio and I'm trying to decide who I should cosplay from my growing list.

There were few people, who took pictures of me in the convention, but I am yet to find them and ask that they'd send the pictures to me so I could put them either here, my fb, world cosplay or deviantArt.

Over all it was great to cosplay again, I just wish that those who really aren't interested in cosplay, anime nor manga (you know those kids who run around the place bad mouthing) would stay away from the convention or at least keep their opinions for themselves. It is okay to give advises and such, but bad mouthing others is really bad behavior. You do not go around and say "That guy must be retard because he dresses like that!" or "Is that dude autistic?" when there is nothing wrong with them, that is just rude and makes you look like ignorant little brat (sorry if I offended any of you but please THINK before opening your mouth). It doesn't matter what size, gender, religion, color you are the point is to have fun and let others have fun too. That is all, thank you for reading this thing through.
I hope that your next convention/cosplay memory is fun and lets you to interact with new people, share your ideas and passion!


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