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lauantai 16. toukokuuta 2015

Making my costume

Okay as I said, I am going to cosplay as Hibari Kyoya from KatekyoHitmanReborn (great show, I recommend it if you can stand the idea of an 14 year old boy, who runs around in his boxers and screams very much, not to mention high pitched sadistic hitman baby, screaming five year old boy in cow suit (Lambo-chan is my friends favorite because he actually is very close to what a five year old should be) an five year old assassin girl from China (I-pin-chan is also kinda cute =w= she gave chocolate to Hibari on Valentines Day) not to mention non stop screaming and shouting. On the other hand there are lot of great characters and none of them is really stupid nor useless. Kyoko and Haru are very important to cheere the guys so they can keep on fighting and giving them reason to fight (Gokudera and Haru are kinda cute together, they'd make a great pair... ahem)).

Anyways I am thinking of being Hibari in his normal clothes (aka discipline committee uniform) on Friday to Saturday and at some point of Saturday I'd change into yukata I've been making. Sadly I cannot be TYL!Hibari (10 years older version of the head perfect) because I don't have wig for it (forgot to order it online....) on Sunday I'll be wearing that very same yukata again (because the color is same) while I am cosplaying as Saitou Hajime from Hakuouki (I've watched it a little, but my studies have been stealing my precious anime/manga-time lately so I haven't finished it yet (tears)).

The back pieces and collar
sewn together
 To test how to make the yukata I decided to make a hitatare.
Like yukata, hitatare is made from five cloth pieces that are cut from fabric that is normally 36-38 centimeters wide. The length depends only your own sizes so it fits perfectly like a glove on the one who is wearing it. We did lot of searching via internet about the yukata and hitatare with my mother, who was really interested in this from professional point of view (luckily she let me do the whole thing giving me advices and explaining things to me patiently). The hardest thing to do really was the collar other things were like dancing on a flower field after it.

Added sleeves

Stitched the bottom of the sleeves

Any ways, I'll try later on give you more info about sewing the
yukata and hitatare (I need to find my notes *sweat drop*)

I won you fabric of doom MWAHAHAHA!!

Here's what the finished Hitatare looked on me (It really isn't worn like that I think... It was to test how to put the yukata on when it's finished)

See you again!


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