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I am Renji Zombiekoira, a cosplayer from Finland. This site will mainly be about my projects, how things are going, pictures and cosplay in general not to mention art and music and food. Please do go check my Facebook/twitter/WorldCosplay/Youtube and maybe become a reader (I post more often on the FB though...)! I hope to see you soon~!

sunnuntai 5. huhtikuuta 2015

Easter Update

What are you doing there, herbivore?
Hn. Coffee is good for now

Here's little something for you since you haven't really seen me in my costumes.

It appears that my Imouto, H, is talented in photographing  so I let her take the pictures.

Sorry for not looking at the camera, it'd look weird in these pictures. 'O~O

Happy Easter!

Kamikorosu! (I'll bite you to death)

Now I'm satisfied

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  1. Yeees, KILL that pineapple! :P Also, that birdie is freaking scary xD