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I am Renji Zombiekoira, a cosplayer from Finland. This site will mainly be about my projects, how things are going, pictures and cosplay in general not to mention art and music and food. Please do go check my Facebook/twitter/WorldCosplay/Youtube and maybe become a reader (I post more often on the FB though...)! I hope to see you soon~!

torstai 12. maaliskuuta 2015


About the make up... If you learn to make a good make up, you don't necessarily need to do more than one make up look. The key word is to look as natural as possible even with the make up. Best make up you can see or do is the one that makes you look as natural as possible.

For example, my cosplay make up contains only foundation cream, face powder and eyeliner.

I smooth my skin with thin layer of foundation cream, add little face powder and do my eyes with gel eyeliner. To make my brows more visible I use pen eyeliner which I smudge to look more natural. 

It took lot of time for me to create eye make up that fits to shape of my eyes, but it was worth it.
The eyes are the first thing person notices in other, so you better make sure that you emphasize your eyes in a way that flatters them. Also, don't make your brows too thick, it'll make you look weird and like you don't actually know what you're doing (if they're part of the character try to make them look as natural as possible) don't take this as an insult, I don't mean it in that way. Anime characters (most of them that I've seen) and real humans (again most who I've seen) don't have very thick eyebrows.

Keep it natural if you can, yet try to make it look like the character. The same applies to the way you act (if you want to act like the character too) keep it natural looking, don't force it or it'll look weird. Practice makes the champion as they say~

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