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I am Renji Zombiekoira, a cosplayer from Finland. This site will mainly be about my projects, how things are going, pictures and cosplay in general not to mention art and music and food. Please do go check my Facebook/twitter/WorldCosplay/Youtube and maybe become a reader (I post more often on the FB though...)! I hope to see you soon~!

sunnuntai 8. maaliskuuta 2015

From the photo shoot with mom and aneki S... This language isn't dialect of Russia nor Japanese nor Hebrew, it's Finnish. Character: Viktor (Victor) series: None, he's my OC and I use him at medieval festivals.

His character is... well... he's a thief, who was raised in Estonian monastery (how ironic), so he doesn't have a clue about his parents, also he's quite the ladies man even though half of the women tend to slap him when they find out that all he wanted was their jewels (other half cannot find him). He belongs to a small group with jester Ilomieli, Hawisa the rich lady, Jaava the healer, Onni the jester and few others.

Hope you like the video ^w^

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