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perjantai 6. maaliskuuta 2015

About cosplay and sneak peak on the creation of the Jacket of Hibari Kyoya

 If you are going to start cosplay, here's some tips about clothes that'll become handy if the character is male.

1. Button-up shirts,
                make sure that you have at least two of them, white is the standard color in school uniforms seen on the male characters, if you have other colors too, let's say that you have the color of the rainbow (seven different colors), white and black, you're good since you can use them if you are going to make "casual clothing" -version of the character.

2. T-shirts,
     again, the rainbow is good to have but the colors don't have to be so strong or  it'll look tacky, grey and brown are often seen on the characters.

 3. Trousers,
        you must have black and greyish blue trousers to complete the uniform, jeans and shorts (over knee lenght) are recommended too. Use simple colors, look around and study how men dress up.

4. Ties and bows
      one_does_not_simply_have_too_many_ties_nor_bows. As many colors as possible.

5. Jackets
     colors often seen on the characters: black white and navy blue.

6. Shoes
     mostly they are black, but often characters wear sneekers, study the character and their clothing very very VERY hard.

7. Wigs
     you'll need the basic colors; black, brown and blonde. It is handy to also own "weird" colored wigs like red, purple and blue.

Here's some pictures about my on-the-go Hibari-jacket.
I bought around 2,2 meters black (and red) fabric, the black one was cotton twill and the red was basic cotton. I used simple male jacket as a base to it and my mother kindly helped me with it (she nearly stole my project to herself, she used to be dressmaker so it's understandable) to make it fit better to me. Basically the pattern was: and the sleeves pattern was similar to this:

 Patterns are pinned on the fabric.
On the torso pieces was added 8 cm since I have pretty long back and I wanted that it'd look like the jacket was bit too big for me also we added 5.5 cm on the sleeves (I have long arms -.-") and we added 1.5 extra on the sides, it it'd actually fit.

 Here are the pieces neatly in the row waiting to be sewed together and to create a beautiful jacket~

It took around 2 meters of the fabric leaving me 0.2 meters and handful of pieces that can be used to create something else (like clothes to a plushie)

This is the lining made out of the red fabric by my mom since she has more experience in these kinds of things than I do (and I was afraid that I'd blow something up while making the lining) so it is made perfectly by my measurements (that hadn't changed at all in the past year "orz)

As I said you'll be left with a handful of pieces that can be used in some project, I am going to make some kind of devil bunny of those pieces and terrorize my friend with it~ (just kidding, I'll give it to her as a prop maybe since I missed her birthday [I am terrible friend ""orz] and maybe she won't murder me~! [hopeful glitter])

While doing this jacket I've created an addiction to hot chocolate that is served in café Columbia, Kouvola, just outside the train station. It's my guilty-pleasure since it costs 2.70€ and tastes sinfully good~

My other addiction that I've created in these four years that I've cosplayed (you'd think that I'd have learned at least something in those years....) is chicken flavored instant noodles [YEOW's are the best I've tasted so far and they are cheaper than others']
[Why am I talking about my addictions to hot chocolate and instant noodles? *sweat drop* I gotta change the subject...]

Umm... Remember to eat and sleep correctly even if your costumes are unfinished, if you don't you'll make more mistakes and get stressed which isn't good at all.

Okay, I've learned SOMETHING: Remember to make your props at least a week before convention. I did my tonfas two days before it and it was just pain, I had school work, my costume and props to do at the same time, so scheduling the most important thing on earth, it can save your career, life and cosplay (trust me, I know)

Other thing I've learned is to remember to close the doors to the working area if you have pets, this little thing (his name is Mito, my cousin named it when he was three, he tried to say my otouto's nickname, Mika (originates from his second name Michael (written Mikael in here Finland)), but all he could say was "Mito" so he called my otouto Mito until he saw our cat (who used to be cute little ball of fur) and called it Mito and to our surprise that little devil obeyed that name....) he stole my fabric and used it as a pillow and when I looked at him all he did was stare at me like he was saying "What you're going to do about this?" or "You got a problem?". I fought with the cat several times since my younger siblings didn't remember to close the door either (nor did my father but that's not the point) so... Remember to do your work where your pets won't steal your supplies and use them as pillows =__=""

See you soon again~!

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  1. Purple wigs <3 Also, damn you and using *my* project as your "remove-the-cat"-item :(