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torstai 28. heinäkuuta 2016

I created a Patreon!

As I've told on my twitter, in order to continue doing this thing I love and publishing my comics, I need to either get a job which is currently impossible with the amount of bakers that graduate every year and the amount of bakeries that are located in Finland, I've decided to create my very own patreon in order to get at least something from the amount of work that I do.

Therefore I would be delighted if you'd become a patron and help me out a bit since I seriously want to give you guys only the best. As a reward I promise to be bit more active and try to show you guys about the process and give you something great to look at.

I will also try to get done the two comics I've been making these past weeks, the first one is called Dame! (= No good/Loser) and the other one is under the name "My future lover".

Even a one dollar can help me out greatly and it will result in stuff like getting more professional looking pictures and overall better quality into my pictures.

The money will go at first into a new camera for Luna who has been bravely snapping pictures with almost ten years old camera and later on onto better fabrics, wigs, contact lenses, makeup, prop ingredients and stuff that's necessary for making a great cosplay even better.

Later on I might be able to go into conventions outside Finland to meet some of you guys, that would be so great experience but for now it's for making better quality content and equipment.

I wish that you will help me out a bit ^^


keskiviikko 27. heinäkuuta 2016

A new blog has merched!

Okay so since I've updated few things on my Facebook page, I decided to make a brand new blog to which I (hopefully) will write more frequently. Don't worry, this blog will still stay existing but I've more or less have moved to my new blog to which I'll try to write more. The new blog will contain recipes, updates about my comics, cosplay little bit more professionally I hope, maybe tutorials and more detailed and better reports from conventions not to mention links to my friends and to my other media and stuff like that. I'll try to not to forget this one too but you'll catch me mainly from the new blog, twitter and my facebook page

If you have anything to ask you can contact me via any media and I'll try to answer to your questions the best that I can.

Sincerelly RZ

maanantai 15. helmikuuta 2016

Anders magic and Justice appears

In case any of you wondered, I decided to do some tests with Neff's Anders -pictures

Frostbite 2016 Pictures

Here they are (finally), the pictures taken in Desucon Frostbite 2016!

So shiny *o*
 Most of the pictures were taken by Neffinger Cosplay (because I am such a bright person, who has a camera with him and FORGETS TO TAKE DAMN PICTURES!!)

At Frostbite 2016 we saw so many brilliant costumes that left us gaping at them and made us forget to take pictures but here are some that we managed to take.

And as always, the update will look little weird due blogger hating me and not being cooperative.

Geralt was amused by our outburst
Due my friend being obsessed with Dragon Age, most of the pictures are cosplays made of those games.
Crona doesn't know how to deal with being photographed
Byakuran-sama will destroy this world, just you wait
We met the cutest Fenris ever!
How to Train your Dragon -group was so epic *o*
More DA -characters
Cole's hat was easy to spot from up 
I have a feeling that RanFan just saw Ling ;D
Sera and her pet Bee

I wish I had some tea...
All the single ladies(?) of Dragon Age!
Wait... Did she just-
Yeah, she did.

Most of the time, being relaxed is needed,
but there are times when you must fight
Reborn was my Saturday's cosplay

Fon was my Sunday cosplay and in case you wonder, I was thinking about food.

Hibari had a dublicate and I'm not sure if it is a good thing or not....

My student and his student
Mira Nausiainen as Cavallone Dino
Emmi Suikkanen as Hibari Kyoya

I met my Dame-Student #2 there too,
he was slacking as usual (Natsu-san was darn cute Tsuna -.-)

Me and Byakuran, he didn't take our fight as serious as he should've...

I cosplayed as Kozato Enma on Friday



keskiviikko 3. helmikuuta 2016

Yieks! It’s s cold! aka Renji and the icy road to Desucon frostbite

My preparations for Desucon Frostbite 2016 started early, right after TraconX, to be exact, but my costume making was delayed due schoolwork, I had two periods straight Work-based-learning, WBL for short, which caused me to be more tired and more cranky which (sadly) I took out in my family and friends. I was so stressed because of working, I need to have at least four hours per day without any human contact in order to keep my sanity, but while in WBL, I couldn’t have those precious hours of isolation to re-charge myself. Stress piled up which resulted almost in total burn out for me.

Why was that? I am highly introverted person, who has pretty low social skills for a person who is almost 19 years old. All of my WLBs have resulted me getting graded 2 out of 3, not a bad grade to have, I know but I am also quite perfectionist when it comes to both products and grades and the fact I never get full scores is because of my lack of social skills infuriates me. My last and most tiring WBL was in a café where I was supposed to be serving as a “waiter” or sort, which means that I am supposed to be all cheery and smiling all the time, exact opposite than I. Neither to say that I messed up, badly, it wasn’t that I was disrespectful, no, I’ve been raised to act towards respectfully even if I didn’t actually like the person or if I didn’t respect that person at all. It was that I wasn’t “ideal” customer service worker, I am more used to work behind the scenes, away from the eyes of customers. Do I even need to say that I got my lowest grade from that? It was one and half, I know, I know, could be worse but still, it makes me so angry that I couldn’t get my usual grade nor get 3 (I’d have overjoyed if I’d get that from any subject). But now to the cosplay, sorry for getting side tracked.

This time I was going to make five costumes; Three for myself, one for my aneue (Luna) and one for my chichi (Violaluna). My costumes were going to be from my favorite show KatekyoHitmanReborn (KHR) meanwhile my aneue and chichi wanted costumes based on characters in World of Warcraf, Luna was going to be a hunter and Violaluna wanted to be death knight. Two of my costumes were almost finished even before December while I had struggles with my third costume and Violaluna’s costume. The fall was rainy and I was constantly in work meaning that I couldn’t finish the most important thing in his costume: The sword. I had cut it and shaped it, but the things that were yet to be done required dry place with air-conditioning. My home doesn’t have that kind of room. Feeling very sad because I couldn’t fulfill my father’s wish I said that I couldn’t finish his costume to which he implied that it was okay, he’d just wear something that’d fit the occasion.

My sister switched her opinion about the trousers when she had tried on the pair I had made. Apparently the fabric we had wasn’t right for her and it wasn’t actually the best for making trousers, oh well… The more you know. Also we found out that she didn’t have matching shoes nor there were any matching shoes on sale. Which meant that she wore black leather trousers and dark brown leather boots with the mosh green tunica that I had sewn for her with green vest (also made by me), black arm protecters and black fleece cape. Do I even need to say that she looked absolutely fabulous even though she was suffering from slight migraine. So I managed to finish (almost) four costumes out of five, which isn’t bad result if we think about the time I was given to make them.

Friday 15th of January came sooner than expected which made me almost panic for I felt like I had yet so much to do, when in reality I was on schedule. The Friday was… interesting. I got up at eight in order to go to school (ugh five hours of Swedish studies (I suck at that subject, damn you Finnish education system)), I left my things back at my home town for it’d be just utterly stupid to drag three bags to school and I wasn’t going to leave my precious costumes alone with punch people I don’t know (or trust). I got to leave earlier from school because I had arranged that with my teacher, I just had to do some extra at home (Nooooooooo!!!!!) and walked to the train station, it was -30 degrees (Celsius mind you) and I was absolutely freezing. I got to the train that took me to my home town so I could retrieve my things, which father had brought to the train station of my home town. Sadly, he couldn’t take me to Lahti for he had a dentist appointment and he needed to get my mother from work and my younger brother from school (have I ever told you that my otouto “Sky-kun” is a precious cinnamon roll? We must protect him at any cost! (and if you must know, I am mostly referred as “precious cinnamon roll with blood icing” weird, huh). I waited for my friend Neff (Neffinger cosplay) for some time, she wasn’t sure if she’d get to the train in time (which she didn’t, she missed the buss) before I got into train that was FILLED with people. So it was kinda good that she didn’t make it, I was almost crushed to death six times for that half an hour that I was in the train.

Back at Lahti, I called one of my best friends, and senpai, Xenji so she’d pick up like she had promised for she was supposed to get her brother’s car at four, but her brother hadn’t even come to Lahti yet. Which means, I walked to her apartment with my bags (I didn’t use bus because they were full). After I arrived I met three other people who’d stay the weekend at Xenji’s and Arumi’s apartment: Joel was very nice dude and we talked a lot that weekend (others looked dumbfounded as if they’d waited us to fight or something), Nobutatan (I didn’t really talk with her but she seemed nice and she had nice cosplays (she’s talented)), Mirco or FieryNuisance (again not much talking but I liked her) and Himeshama (precious sweet bun, protect her (and her senpai Mirco) at any cost). After I was unfrozen by Xenji and Arumi (God bless that woman) with cup of tea, I started to get ready for Frostbite. I was cosplaying as Kozato Enma from KHR on Friday (and I learned valuable lesson about contacs). Getting my badge was much easier than when I first time was working at the convention and soon I was checking the place where our Nightly Board Game Club. I remember frowning for the size of the room because seriously, board games is actually quite loud activity, especially when you’re playing cards against humanity, draw and guess, alias or monopoly. That room was absolutely too small, our club has previously proven, many times already, that the activity was popular. That room would be filled, noisy and we’d have to turn people away.

I went back to the main entrance waiting for Neff to arrive and I chatted a little with “Teddy” and few other people and got almost scared by Jedi-Nazgul (I didn’t even know that they existed), I also saw few other KHR cosplayers, Dino, two Hibaris, Crome and Daemon Spade (whom I didn’t at first realize to be Daemon (Daemon’s hair is NOT green! It’s greyish blue!!!)). Neff arrived and I gave her the ticket and so we started to talk and just hang out, occasionally stop to either pose for pictures (well, she did, people realized who she was cosplaying as (Anders from DA2) my character didn’t make it to the anime (DAMN YOU!!! YOU PROMISED US TO GO ON WITH THE KHR –ANIME BUT YOU DIDN’T YOU LIARS!!!) so people didn’t seem to know who I was supposed to be). The last thing we did was to take part on a BL –panel (Ikr, weird of me). How we got there: We followed Suki and Sokka and punch of other characters we wanted to ask for a photograph (taking pictures of others without their permission is rude). At this point my eyes had started to hurt because of the contacts, they were little bit too thick for my eyes (I bought cheap ones) and they didn’t fit right making blinking harder. Okay, I looked cool with red eyes but they hurt like hell, I need to order myself new ones that are little thinner. After the panel we decided to leave the convention location, I went back to Xenji’s and Arumi’s apartment to get the contacts off and to get some sleep.

As I returned I started to talk with Joel more and I found out that I could trust him easily and that I actually enjoyed his presence, it also appeared that we had similar taste in anime. We both liked KHR and so on and he could actually give me some hints of what to watch next. Then we started to talk about being transgender, right in middle of dinner, it was funny to see how others reacted when we talked. Xenji and Arumi stared at us as if we’d raise second head or found out us being related (they had waited for us to fight, weird huh), Hime and Mirco tried to act casually but I could see Hime turning slightly green when we started to talk about gender correcting surgeons (which right now seems to be only option for me (if I still see myself as a male rather than female after I hit 25)) and Nobutatan just listened to us with professional like poker face, I bet that she’d heard this kind of conversation before. After that we talked with Joel about some KHR and who our favorite characters were and who’d we cosplay maybe later on. Shamelessly, I gave out my list of my favorite characters and said that I’d like to cosplay somebody from Varia, but I couldn’t yet decide who, I said that I wanted to be either Squalo or Xanxus to which Joel told me that if I’d want to I could become their Varia Cosplay Group’s Squalo, they needed one and I agreed. The details are yet to be discussed, like when we’ll cosplay them, where we’d meet when we’d decide to make our grand appearance, should we get a limousine (I hope our Xanxus joked when he said that he wanted to come to the scene with a limo). All that I right now know is that the Varia Group will be doing TYL! –Arc cosplays and most likely take place in Tracon (year yet to be decided).

Saturday came and I woke up only to stare into the eyes of Yuno, Arumi’s and Xenji’s cat. I started to get ready for the second day when I’d cosplay as Reborn. After everything was done turned to look what others were doing just to be face to face with Byakuran, aka Joel. Hime, Mirco, Nobutatan, Joel and me started to walk towards Sibelius talo, we were helping Joel to bring some parts of his costume (wings and shoes) and stayed with him to help him put his wings etc on. After this we moved to the center of the hall, Joel wanted to take part in Hall Cosplay and for that, the judges needed to find his costume interesting and well tailored as they looked for competitors. Joel said that it’d be cool if he’d win, but his main reason for wanting to take part in the contest was to make KHR little bit more known for Finnish cosplayers. At this moment Neff found us (“It was nice that all that I had to look for was a yellow striped hat” “It’s fedora” “Whatever”) and Mirco gave me tickets for the Hall Cosplay and Cosvision –contest. We left Joel for a moment to go to the bathroom. When we came back a group of cosplayers attacked at Neff blubbering about how Anders is god and a precious cinnamon roll and yada yada yada while I was asked if I cosplayed Bill Cipher. This made me absolutely irritated, people see a person dressed in yellow and black and they automaticly assume that you’re cosplaying as a yellow triangle, who wears a black top hat? Don’t they know difference between a top hat and a fedora? So yeah, my Reborn cosplay was mistaken to be a yellow triangular demon, can’t blame them though, KHR is lot older and “forgotten” series that has been overwhelmed by newer series like Steven’s Universe and Gravity Falls not to mention these Idol animes and games that have taken their place in the hearts of cosplayers. About Bill Cipher, if I was doing to do a human version of him, I’d make his clothes to be yellow or just gold (did you see what I did there? No? Oh….. Never mind then…).

When we managed to escape Neff’s newly formed fanclub (*cough cough* Anders fangirls) we realized that Joel had disappeared. At this moment Luna and chichi appeared which led to me showing chichi the merchant room where he bought Hatsune Miku –figure.
 After this he and Luna left because of Luna wasn’t feeling that good while Neff and I moved to watch the competitions. I was amazed by the competitors more and more. Sadly, neither of my personal favorites won, they came second, Dalek and Avatar –group were awesome but they lost to Esmeralda and DA2 cosplayers (Anders and Fenris). To me it seemed that the judges liked games (or were friends with the cosplayers judged by the way they acted) and Disney. Of course I am happy for their win, but I am also sad because I really liked the second place winners. All of them did great job with their performances.

The competition ended soon after Hall Cosplay (Joel took part in the competition, didn’t win but was so happy that he almost glowed (illuminati confirmed (lol)) and I headed back to Xenji’s flat to get rid of my contacts, left one had broken while we were in looking at the competition (no worries, I got it out without anything bad happening) and to my disgrace, I slipped while speed walking across the road (so embarrassing >.<). Xenji and Arumi were ready to panic or so it seemed, but luckily I didn’t hit my head or get any major injuries, just a bruise on my left side (why is it always left?). We got inside and changed into next costumes, Xenji as Nozomi and Arumi as Eli (Love Live), both in sleep uniform (not sure what to call them, I am not very familiar with that game) [Pictures of those costumes are here] and me as Fon from KHR (I had planned to make unofficial “fourth cosplay” for the Nightly Board Game –club but I was so uninspired that I couldn’t even pick a character for it), ate and returned to the convention place.

Nightly Board Game –club collected over 130 visitors, I think that we could have gotten more visitors if we had bigger room, or two rooms. Over all it was huge success, I spent the first hours putting down how many visitors we had and rest of the night (four hours) went by playing Cards Against Humanity with group of people that seemed to expand every five minutes. While playing, we accidentally created an inside joke (or meme) called “Yeah Anders knows” (Kyllä Anders tietää (finnish)) which contained that into every single answer or question that sounds homosexual or sexual in any way, we’d take this certain voice and say “Kyllä Anders tietää”. Long story short: Neff explained one *ahem* term (bukkake) and one of our fellow players just happened to say "Kyllä Antero tietää" which resulted in group of hysterical young adults. We had good time and most of us had the next week’s training done via laughing so much.

At two AM I managed to drag Neff out so we’d walk back to our sleeping places. Xenji, Arumi and I tried to be as silent as possible while jumping over sleeping people. I was out cold soon after I managed to get out of my costume and washed the makeup away.

Do I even need to say that I was last one to wake up on Sunday? Others were pretty loud with their morning things and I still couldn’t wake up until Yuno (Arumi’s cat) started to stare me like she was planning something evil. Needless to say, I jolted up wake and ready to run when I realized how ridiculous I had been. I mean, seriously? I was startled by a cat. Embarrassed, I dressed up as a Fon and ate breakfast. Others didn’t seem to notice my fail moment and I started to relax slowly, I mean, it wasn’t that bad so I really needed to hold back my gloomy aura, it wasn’t fitting for an Arcobaleno. We talked a little more with others and moved out back to the con scene where I met up with Neff, and I got a glimpse of Wihelmi cosplay, the last day of convention went by with a cosplay hunt (aka running around with camera and trying to get pictures of others (good kids, remember to ask for permission)) and taking pictures of our costumes. I was a bit upset for myself not realizing to take pictures of my other costumes but otherwise I was just happy to spent time with people. At four PM I had to leave Neff behind in order to get a lift to the station from Xenji and so I left to pack.

Rest of the day went by me doing laundry at home and realizing that I forgot Aneue’s camera to Xenji’s place. I was supposed to go get it on Tuesday but I managed to get influenza and so I was out cold for almost a week. Even now that it has been few weeks, I am not entirely alright but I need to finish my studies and start my next cosplays. Wish me luck so I’ll be able to start at working soon and maybe start my own business while being under 50 years old.
Here’s the links to my friends’ pages:


Be sure to check them out and maybe give them thumbs up!
I humbly apologise for not having any pictures put in this post, there was so much I wanted to write and I am waiting for some of the pictures. I'll do another post soon where the pictures will be. So stay awesome and thank you for reading all of this.

torstai 1. lokakuuta 2015


Okay, I usually avoid posting things like this but...

I am feeling terrible, Work-based-learning is just exhausting and I get more often sick because some people do their shopping while being sick themselves.
1. I am waking up at 4 am to get to work that starts 6 am. "What on earth do you do there at 6am? It's a shop! It opens at 8am!" What I do there? I fill the shelves and make the customer service disk ready so you can buy your things.
2. Some customers are really nasty and behave badly, that'd ruin anyone's day, to be forced to interact with such person who is steaming with negative energy and keeps complaining about every_single_thing.
3. I get migraines more often because of mixed perfume scents.
4. I was supposed to meet with my teacher and boss today and get the papers to next work-based-learning which is right after the short vacation BUT I got fever on Tuesday evening and when I sent today message to my teacher and boss....
... It never reached them so I got told out in phone.

Also I can't start making any cosplay nor props because I don't have any equipment for them and I still need to get Viola Luna's measurements in order to count the amount of fabric I need to the cosplay he wants to wear at Desucon Frostbite.
And I can't meet up with my friends either to get Luna's bow and arrows not to mention that my little sister is having her birthday party this weekend so.. I'm pretty much tied this weekend.

And now something to make up for all the negativity: Sites where to buy wigs etc.!

Aaaand, there you have it, have a potato 🍠

maanantai 7. syyskuuta 2015

Tracon X

This convention post will be little different from my previous ones

4:30 am = Woke up
4:40 am = Shower
5:10 am = Breakfast
6:05 am = Coffee
6:27 am = Train
8:54 am = Arrive at Tampere
9:05-10:00 am = Look around
10:00-11:30 am = Having lunch, checking the whereabouts of my hotel (Norlandia Care (178€/2 nights))
11:50-12:43 = Walking to a hotel with three bags(Yes it took me almost an hour because of the repairs of the street(not to mention that I don't really know Tampere that much...)): Shoulder bag for being in the town (for buying something to eat), "granny bag" (thnx Nebbia) with my "Can break easily" props (Spanner's candies, Dino's whip and wigs) and tiny luggage that contains my costumes and other clothing.
12:50-13:30 = Waiting for the reception to open
13:40 = Get the key and go to the room on fifth floor (And play a little with the card key ("How does this thing even work?! DD:")). Be mind blown how awesome the room is.
16:30 = Left the hotel to get the badge and to get some food.
18:40 = back at the hotel, eat
19:30 = Shower
21:XX = Sleep

6:00 = Woke up, got dressed
7:20 = Took a taxi to the Tampere Talo (I thought that I was going to be late)
7:50 = Look around for my working spot
8:00 - 12:15 = Working at the ticket stand
12:30 = "Oh! I should eat something!", went to eat with Nepa
13:20 = Bought a wig
13:30 = Tried to find Arumi, Xenji, Anzzq & Elli-chan
13:40 = Bought a wig from Arumi and started to hang out with Xenji & Arumi (Nepa resurmed to her working spot)
14:20 = Saw a glimpse of Anzzq & Elli-chan (who were chased by their fans)
14:40-15:30 = Hanging with Arumi & Xenji
15:30 = started to hang out with Anzzq & Elli-chan who managed to escape from their fans
16:00-17:45 = Watched WCS trials, Pair contest and design contest. (I cheered for YumiKoyuki-san who was picked to represent Finland on 2016 WCS Finals with her pair Jesmo!! Congratulations again from me!)
18:00 = Returned to hotel
19:42-21:00 = Ate, shower, and sleep

8:00 = Woke up, and got dressed
8:30 = Ate breakfast at the hotel (I didn't manage to do that on Saturday because the hotel restaurant opened at 7:20 that day)
9:00 = Checked out and ordered a taxi
9:30 = Arrived at the scene and walked around
10:30 = Got bored, started my work shift earlier
13:00 = Work shift ended, taking few photos here and there, occasionally tripping on something
14:00 = Waiting for my turn at the Photographing spot
15:00 = Met with Tiitan, looked around the shopping room taking pictures and getting data
16:00 = Ate ramen (and managed to spill it on myself (how is that even-??)
17:00 = "........ We looked wrong section, the thing we wanted to watch has already ended..."
17:45 = "To the train!!"
18:45 = "....... Why is the train late?"
19:25 = "..... Why is this train late?"
21:00 = "......... I can't sleep... And I'm sleepy"
22:00 = "...... still can't sleep"


3:00 = "........ I woke up again....."
5:20 = ".......... I'm telling my boss that I'm not coming, I couldn't sleep and now I have head ache..."

Total Tripping/Falling down: 26
Tripping/Falling on stairs : 3
Being walked over: 2
Tripping/Falling over on thin air: 12
Tripping/Falling over something/somebody: 11
Food spilled on my clothes: 1
Being chased by Dalek: 2

And all of that happened on Saturday while I was wearing my Cavallone Dino cosplay (next time I'm getting somebody to cosplay Romario for me so I won't be as clumsy BI)

Over all this was a great experience and I might be taking part conventions as a worker more and maybe, someday, I'll gather enough courage to take part on a contest. Maybe I won't get to be WCS competitor but hey, who knows, also it might be fun.

And here's some pictures taken mostly on Saturday and a cookie, enjoy :)

Lieutenant Hawkeye was willing to let me take a picture of her,
sadly Colonel Mustang refused claiming that I must be a homunculus

Assassins Creed fandom is lively! Now with
female power!

I'm on to you Dalek.. And you,
"Rum-Jack" who walked over me...

Dragon Age! Dragon Age every where

Here, have another shot

Shiota Nagisa and Koro-sensei

Stupid Voldemort and his illuminating face...
I took total 6 pictures and Voldemort was shining in everyone of them

I found my lil' bro Tsuna QuQ

Gotta catch 'em all!!

Doctor was amused by Dalek's threats

"Is there singing in the Void? Dancing?
Surely the Dread Lord will at least allow poor Cicero to caper..."

Hawke and Fenris seemed to be little anxious..

And then Hawke photobombed when
I was taking picture of Isabella

#TraconX #Sanji because he can

Zoro wasn't amused by Sanji's behavior

Another Tsuna!

Garp seems angry OAO

Oh, never mind, I guess Luffy called him